Which Rudraksha is best for me...

There are 38 varieties of Rudrakshas available. We briefly mention below their types and their effects on people generally.

Note:- The below mentioned benefits are just general effects. We strongly advice that you  consult a proper astrologer or an expert in this field before you buy a Rudraksha and not procure a bead on the basis of the information given here. 


Never get influenced by what you read or what a novice tells you. Even normal Rudraksha vendors can only tell you generally what are the benefits of the Rudraksha. Only an expert can study your horoscope and tell you exactly what bead or combination of beads is good for you. Consult your family astrologer or other websites who sell Rudrakshas only after consulting your horoscope. It is not advisable to wear Rudrakshas without consulting an expert. 

A few websites mentioned in our site offer such consultation. Those websites / vendors who are of the opinion that study of horoscope is not required, are surely not interested in wasting their time and their objective is to sell, immaterial of whether it is good, neutral or detrimental for you. 

Recently our research wing has come across some sites who are selling Rudrakshas as beads which can remove malefic effects of planets and have assigned various beads to different planets. This is Gem Therapy and doesn't apply to Rudrakshas. There are gems for different planets but you can't treat Rudrakshas as gems. This just reflects the ignorance level among those who treat this as a trade and have not invested time in developing an understanding of what they are selling. Each Rudraksha is very individualistic and has to be carefully matched with one's horoscope for it to be beneficial. Your birth chart, present position of planets and case history has to be examined before recommendation.

What are mukhis....

A Rudraksha bead can have several faces or mukhis. Mukhis or faces are visible vertical lines seen across the Rudraksha bead. Each bead has a different effect on you, depending on the number of mukhis it has. There are 38 varieties of Rudrakshas in total available in upto 21 mukhis or faces. Not all are available. Some are more easy to get than others and hence the large variation in their prices. Below we mention the different Rudrakshas, their benefits and their estimated costs.

Rudrakshas with mukhis are more powerful than the ones without. The plain Rudrakshas are very often used in normal rosaries which are worn for general development.

The mukhi Rudrakshas are worn for their specific benefits. These are much more powerful and can help achieve wonders, if energised and empowered the right way.

Note:- The costs mentioned are what a FIRST QUALITY bead should cost you, if procured from a genuine source, who is not a wholesaler / supplier. It is best to purchase from an astrologer / organisation who would devote time and patience in empowering the bead for you on a personal basis. 

There could be slight variations in prices depending on the quality and strength of the bead. But a genuine, fully energised Rudraksha cannot be sold or procured for lesser than the minimum price mentioned here. Also the benefits mentioned below are benefits from that mukhi bead in general. The Rudraksha can influence you / your life in ways other than those mentioned here. So consult an expert before going ahead. There is no such thing as a general / universal Rudraksha that can cause no harm.


One Mukhi...

The most sought after Rudraksha. These are extremely rare and are one of the most costly Rudraksha beads. A one mukhi Rudraksha can bring you immense power, wealth, luxuries, fame, massive confidence boost and spiritual enrichment. This bead often uplifts the worshipper and one gets blessings of Lord Shiva.

Estimated Price: $1000 - $2000
(This is certainly not a cheap commodity. Some people fool others by selling it at a cost even lesser than even 10 faced ones, which are very easily available. It is if you are offered a Diamond at lesser price than a pearl.)) 

Two Mukhi...

This bead helps in developing harmonious relationships. The moon is the ruling influence and hence it can greatly help in controlling negative traits like anger, frustration and lack of concentration.

Estimated Price: $100 - $150

Three Mukhi...

The three mukhi Rudraksha is worn to boost the self-confidence and to counter depressions. It also provides physical strengths and helps in cure of several diseases. It also wards off ill-luck and tensions and can help purify all sins.

Estimated Price: $100 - $150

Four Mukhi...

This bead helps achieve a healthy mind and body. It can help increase mental power, intelligence, knowledge, concentration and knowledge. It can also increase sexual power and attractiveness. It is used for making one more sought after by the opposite sex.

Estimated Price: $130 - $150

Five Mukhi...

This bead has several uses. It helps attain success in all walks of life and gain knowledge, wealth, power, fame and achieve goals. It is also very often used in the cure of several diseases. It is a very sought after bead that can actually help you achieve happiness and eternal bliss.

Estimated Price: $130 - $150

Six Mukhi...

This bead enriches the career path and helps you achieve immense professional and academic success. It helps you fulfill dreams and lead a very luxurious life. 

Estimated Price: $100 - $150

Seven Mukhi...

The seven mukhi helps in building finances and amassing wealth. It can help attain prosperity and peace of mind. It is considered very auspicious because it helps ward off fatal diseases and death and achieve longevity.  

Estimated Price: $120 - $150

Eight Mukhi...

This bead increases the strength of character and mind and help achieve happiness, fame, good health and increase confidence.

Estimated Price: $120 - $150

Nine Mukhi...

This Rudraksha can help amass wealth, property, assets and lead a luxurious life and help fulfill dreams and ambitions. It makes you more energised and more action oriented.

Estimated Price: $150 - $200

Ten Mukhi...

The ten mukhi Rudraksha is very powerful and can help overcome fears develop a sound mind. It can help a person enjoy the benefits of life attain happiness and success. It also safeguards you against evil influences around you and gives a secure and protective feeling. 

Estimated Price: $150 - $200

Eleven Mukhi...

This Rudraksha is said to possess the strength of seven deities and hence considered to be extremely powerful. It helps lead a blessed, prosperous and relaxed life. It can also help women give birth to a son. Because of its immense power, this Rudraksha demands extra care and precautions.

Estimated Price: $150 - $200

Twelve Mukhi...

The effects of this Rudraksha are similar to those of the one mukhi. It helps realise dreams and achieve goals. Should be worn by people wanting to attain influential and powerful positions. It is an extremely blessed bead and provides protection against many evils and perils. The bead is said to  increase your charisma and charms.

Estimated Price: $150 - $200

Thirteen Mukhi...

This Rudraksha is also rare and difficult to get but has immense power. It helps attain moksha. It is often used to increase attractiveness and have hypnotic influences on others, who are smitten with your charms. It also helps attain a sound mind and body and enjoy the various luxuries of life. 

Estimated Price: $200 - $250

Fourteen Mukhi...

A very powerful Rudraksha not very readily available. Very few sources of Rudrakshas have the original powerful beads. It helps combat the obstacles in life and emerge victorious in the most trying situations. It can help you achieve positions of power and authority  and develop a strong sixth sense but demands utmost care and attention. It can actually help you achieve more than you could have ever conceived for yourself. A very powerful bead, but very few good quality beads exist.

Estimated Price: $250 - $300

Fifteen Mukhi...

The effects very similar to the fourteen mukhi Rudraksha but is even more rare to find and is very dear. It helps channelise  thoughts and remain focused. Increases concentration and energy. 

Estimated Price: $350 - $500

Gauri Shankar...

An extremely influential Rudraksha. It is made of two beads joined together. It is said to represent Lord Shiva and Godess Parvati. It helps improve relationships and married life, bringing joy and harmony. It also enhances attraction and attention from the opposite sex. It is considered very sacred and worship. Extreme care needs to be taken for its upkeep.

Estimated Price: $1000 - $1200


A very influential Rudraksha. It is said to represent Lord Ganesha, son of Lord Shiva and Godess Parvati. It is considered very sacred and worship. Extreme care needs to be taken for its upkeep.

Estimated Price: $600 - $650

Rudraksha Rosaries...

You can get various rosaries of the Rudraksha beads. They usually have 108 beads in them and are normally worn for all-round development and general happiness and prosperity.

Estimated Price: $100 - $200 ( depending on the size and quality of the beads )