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Sometimes, it can become a little difficult to imbibe so much information all at once. If you have any question regarding Rudrakshas, write to us. We will attempt to respond to your question ASAP. 

After having reaped the benefits of this bead for so many years, all of decided to share our knowledge with the world. We are here to help people realise this bead to their advantage and extract benefit from it. Some of us have been fleeced in the past and ended with spurious Rudrakshas even after paying through the nose for it. That is why we are making an attempt to warn people of this and help them obtain a top quality bead at a reasonable price. What we receive from a vendor is a Rudraksha with potential, but this has to be channelised and energised, which is not something a wholesaler can do. And since this is nothing we can do ourselves, we must attempt to find someone who can do this for us. We are trying to do as much as we can to help achieve this. We will  be more than glad to help you. 

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You can also write to any of the members of our team. Their details can be obtained from the About Us link. 

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