About us... 

This site is brought to you by a group of people who have benefited immensely from Rudraksha in due course of life. They have got together to share their stories, experiences and mostly what they have learnt from them. We want to mitigate ignorance, superstition being circulated by a few suppliers/traders, who have made this holy bead a commodity as a form of jewelry not spirituality. There are others who are selling God knows what, for a dime a dozen, in the name of Rudrakshas. If only spirituality was so readily and cheaply available, wouldn't half  the world become ascetic & achieve all that they desire in life? Also it hurts that those who have done so much research and study and actually understand the truth that there are people selling these beads in a form where they shall never reap the benefits they are capable of and disappoint all those who once believed in them. Our purpose is to stop people from  being cheated in the name of religion/spirituality and help them make the right decisions and get immense benefit from these magical beads which have the power to bless the wearer/worshiper with everything he desires. In this era, or Kalyuga, a Rudraksha is to a dis-illusioned, frustrated, over-stressed man what breath is to someone dying of suffocation. 

 If you want to know more about them, please do feel free to e-mail them on the addresses mentioned next to their names. They  will be please to help you in any way they can. After all that's what we are all here for.

Samuel J Bishop  ( sam.bishop@rudraksha.co.uk )

Sam is the brain and motivation behind this website. Sam's grand father worked for twelve years in India during the British Rule there and brought back a huge chest full of books, scripts and some Rudrakshas. He was also in regular contact with the late Rishi Swaminanda Acharya of Haridwar who imparted valuable knowledge about Rudrakshas and their benefits to him and his two sons. Sam was thus born in a house full of believers who in turn passed all their knowledge to him. Sam also inherited his grandfather's library in 1952, after his grandfather passed away at the age of 103. What Sam found amazing was how agile, handsome and healthy his grandfather was till his last day, despite his age. In fact his grandfather had immense powers. He even knew the day he was going to die and informed all his sons to come and visit him and be besides him during his last moments. Sam provides the finance needed to keep this site running as well as contributes immensely in the assessment of the Rudrakshas.

Terry Michael Hernandes ( terry.hernandes@rudraksha.co.uk )

Terry brings immense knowledge to our team. He traveled Nepal, India and China extensively for five years in search of the truth about Rudrakshas and their history. Back in 1987, Terry met with an accident and was paralysed for life. His wife, who was a great believer in God, traveled the globe visiting top doctors, consultants, witches and clairvoyants. Her friend, told her about the power of Rudrakshas and she decided to try it. The power of the Rudraksha along with the dedication and belief of Terry and his wife, made Terry mobile again. After 3 years of praying and performing yagyas Terry took his first steps in June 1996. Terry, a prime member of our Site Review Committee, gives invaluable input on assessing the quality of the Rudrakshas.

Emmily Jefferson-Hernandes ( emmily.hernandes@rudraksha.co.uk )

Emma is Terry's wife. She believes in Rudraksha as much as she believes in God. Emma had taken a pledge that if Terry got back on his feet, she would dedicate her life in imparting her knowledge about this miraculous bead to the rest of the world. Emma is our only full-time working member and is currently writing a book on her life. Emma is the Chair Person of our Site Review Committee. 

Françoise  Ferdinand ( francoise@rudraksha.co.uk )

Françoise our young, handsome French man is currently in London, studying Asian Histrory And Culture with specialisation in Indian Vedic studies. He already has a diploma in Vedic Culture from Harvard University. He is the most recent menber of our team and has brought a new life and enthusiasm with him through his research on Rudrakshas and their benefits in consultation with some Chinese and American Universities. Françoise, along with 

Michael Luke Watson ( mike.watson@rudraksha.co.uk )

Mike's father was a great believer in Rudrakshas and often told stories about how these beads had helped him become a millionaire. He started his life as a plumber and is now a partner in one of the major construction firms of Europe. Inspired by his father's tales, Mike took up study on Rudrakshas as a hobby at the age of 15. And today after 30 years, is a goldmine of knowledge. Mike in conjuction with Sam test the power and effectiveness of Rudrakshas for us.

Sandra Martin-Ahmed ( sandra.ahmed@rudraksha.co.uk )

Sandy's contribution to our team has been immense. Sandy got married into a extremely wealthy, orthodox Muslim  family.  Sandy's parents-in-law, wanted a grandson, but Sandy and her husband did not have a baby even after trying for 7 years. Sandy's parents-in-law were against adoption and wanted their son to remarry ... all for the sake of a male heir to their wealth. A horrific idea in this jet age!!! while chatting with an astrologer online, Sandy learnt about Rudrakshas and ordered one immediately ( from one of the featured sites ). This was January last year. Today Sandy is the proud mother of her 4 month old son called Rudraksh. Sandy handles all the administration involved in keeping this association. 

Sera Kate Jones ( sera.jones@rudraksha.co.uk )

Sera... the lady with the fairy tale story. Sera and her husband, Jack, lived in a small village in Yorkshire. Jack used to run a travel agency in partnership with two other people who backstabbed him and ran off leaving Jack with a 1.4 million pound debt. On the verge of bankruptcy, Jack attempted suicide and as a remedy for his situation, Sera and Jack took a holiday to visit old friends in India. There they were given a One faced Rudraksha (Ek Mukhi), by a road side 'Aghor' (Indian gypsy who roams around, begs alms, eats his daily bread, sleeps where and when he finds shelter - basically someone who has renounced the world and its luxurious in search of God. These men are known to be in possession of such rare things with immense powers that can create miracles. But they are very selective in choosing whom to give these toas they can assess with the psychic powers vested in them the genuinity of the needs of people. Sometimes when someone gives them food when they are very hungry, they can bestow such genorosities on them as a way of giving thanks). As promised by the Aghor, within a week Sera won The National Lottery for an amount totaling 1.4 million. Their lives has never been the same since and today they own multi-million homes in Yorkshire and Nottingham. Sera too, is part of our Site Review Committee.

Michael John Smith ( michael.smith@rudraksha.co.uk )

Mike is the computer whiz amongst us. The man who has designed this site and has made it possible to for all of us to share our thoughts and experiences with you and make our contribution towards society.