Find out how to benefit from Rudrakshas...

Rudraksha, the most powerful and awesome bead ever. This bead can help you achieve all you want – a healthy mind, body and soul, a wealthy life that many dream of and only some achieve, and a happy you making you the target of many a envy. Words in the dictionary fall short of describing the immense powers of the Rudrakshas. For thousands of years mankind has benefited immensely from them. But how can today’s technology wizard use them to his advantage? What would you get from it?…. Well let’s find out.

This site is brought to you by a group of people who have benefited immensely from Rudrakshas and have now got together to help others get the maximum from this precious bead. We assess the various sites on Rudrakshas and their products as well as those of other vendors with web presence,  and tell you what we think about them and how do we rate their Rudrakshas and their effectiveness.

Do the Rudrakshas really work...

Of course they do... but not always. Acquiring an authentic Rudraksha is a challenge in itself. But the hunt doesn't stop there. If the bead has not been purified, sanctified and energised, it is as useful as a button on your shirt!!! 

The Rudrakshas are very rare to find. Today  there are just a few trees left, some of which can be found  in South and South-East Asia, Asia-Pacific, China etc. Obviously, something so rare will come to you at a price. Hundreds of Rudraksha beads grow on the same tree, but only one in hundred is the magical bead that you are looking for. What can make The Rudraksha even more powerful and effective is the power invested in it through prayers, through purification and energisation and through the ongoing process of retaining its sanctity.

You might find the same bead for as low as $5 at a site or for as much as $100 at others. So how do you know whom to believe? How do you know whether you are carrying home a piece of wood and paying through the nose for it, or you have just become a lucky owner of a bead that is going to change your life forever. Though as a general rule, if Rudraksha were available for $5, wouldn’t we all be owning a jar full today??? 

But don't be dismayed. We are here to help you get you what you want and at the right price. We do not sell Rudrakshas and hence can sit back and can give a very neutral but genuine opinion on others who sell them. 

We have at some point or the other placed orders with all the sites/ companies that are reviewed here and assessed what we’ve received. We repeat what is most important is not only the Rudraksha bead itself but also whether or not it has been energised, purified and its sanctity retained and not destroyed through misuse. The Rudraksha has to be treated right from the moment it is plucked off the tree, otherwise the only purpose it can serve is as a button on your shirt... An expensive proposition, wouldn't you say!! Check our Ratings to find out which is the best buy for you.